Short-term and Long-term Treatment:

KoliCare is specifically developed for infants. It can be used as a one-to-three-week treatment to counteract colic symptoms, and/ or as a longer treatment to promote a healthy gut microbiota development in babies.

After just 1 week of treatment, the probiotic formula significantly reduces daily crying time and number of crying episodes, one of the fastest treatments for colic available in the market today²⁰.

After 21 days, 90% of babies taking KoliCare achieve a reduction in crying time equal or higher than 50%²⁰.

After birth, neonates have a gut microbiota in constant change, that is very permeable to external factors, including type of nutrition. The strains contained in KoliCare, can contribute to the development of the gut microbiota²². These properties can be particularly beneficial to those babies in risk of incorrect gut microbiota colonisation due to formula-based feeding, antibiotic treatment, c-section delivery, or others.